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I want to take pictures of stars all night long, of the nature, at dark, and keep them on my walls, I want to have broken picutres freames, and keep poetry in them, and have it look like your broken, because everyone is, no one isnt, we all have our problems, we all love to be scared, we all love to have that somoene, that knows all about us, and watches us when we walk past them, but we don't want to know them, we want them to think that we are not watching them, that we are not making sure they know what we are doing, we all want our best friend to listen to us all the time, every single day, or every second we need them, but will it happen? NO, because we are borken, broken like a peice of glass, that will never be fixed, we all sink deeper into the soil that lead us here, into the soil that makes things so beautiful, like the reason why we take pictures, your all so beautiful, all so broken, we will never be like each other, no matter how much we want to....it will never happen, we are all broken, we love you though, we love your problems, we love the way you look at the world, with your cold, cold eyes, and your plae skin, and your black hair and black lipstick thats always very soft when the wind comes and picks you up, we love the way you look, the way you look at us, the way that makes you so misterius, but we will never see you again, we will never see you that way, the way that makes you so beautiful, because your broken, your crying, the glass tears that you cry when you are sad, we love them, we thrive for the, we wish we had them to...but we wount, they are yours, yours to keep, your to hold, yours to do whatever you want with them, they will fall to the floor, and break, and we will be happy, that you don't have them anymore, we will be happy, happy, forever, the shawdows will love them, they will be the ones to keep them, the ones that want them, and that live off of them, the ones that make them cry like they do, forever, in the darkness of the night, where we will take pictures of each other be forth the stars, the white stars, the ones that are so beatiful, they make you so beautiful, forever, and ever and ever, i love you will be the last words I ever hear from you, ever, ever, again, I love you, I love you, and I love you, don't forget, you wount want to, because I love you...forever, I will ... love you.
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