baby could you blow my heart up (nicolemarieh) wrote in sea_underground,
baby could you blow my heart up


okiie first things, i just joined this comm, hi, im nicole :)
i was wonderin if anyone here is hittin up orbitor this wkend? i want to but i dunno if ill be able to stay awake! o.0 ive been really sick so yah. gots to rest ya know :)

also how many of you are goin to martian hop friday night? i reallly want to go, but doubt i will cuz i gotta work. work sucks. if you go to martian hop hit me up and tell me how it went :p

last party i went to was wonkaland, had a freakin blast there. trancewhorez have some (like a million) great shots of the night, whoo i love them for always taking so many pix :) i always forget my camera, or else forget to take pictures. =P

i like to try and keep these communities alive so we'll see how it goes- you kids should reply, and post your own fun stuff up :D talk more atcha later!
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